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Dave Girouard, the president of Google's enterprise division, made an interesting admission earlier today, acknowledging that Google Docs isn't right for the average person. But Girouard also made an interesting prediction, putting Google Docs about a year away from seriously challenging Microsoft Office.
Move is a step toward performance-based pricing for pre-roll.

In a test it hopes will improve user experience and lead to better ad creative, YouTube added a "skip" button to some pre-roll ads. The ultimate goal, says YouTube, is to create a scenario where advertisers pay only for ads users watch in full or engage with some other way.

It's a minor development to be sure. Skip buttons for vi
Permission will be needed for ad cookies in Europe by April 2011.
The EU has passed a law requiring internet users' consent before cookies can be placed on their machines. The development could have huge implications for the online advertising industry, much of which uses cookies for functions such as ad targeting and audience segmentation.
An amendment to an EU privacy directive was voted thro
Google said today it has signed an agreement to acquire mobile display advertising firm AdMob for $750 million in stock.
Google says its acquisition will improve its existing expertise and technology in mobile advertising, while also giving advertisers and publishers more choice in the growing new area.
Types of Mobile Advertising:
SMS Ads, Search Ads, Web Display Ads, App Display Ads
today AdSense announced at Content Revenue Strategies a brand new user interface for publishers. It is starting as a closed beta, but if you are at CRS today, head over to the optimization lounge to get on the whitelist for the closed beta.
I have played around with it a bit, and I like it a lot. There is an inbox where you can check for messages and tips from the AdSense team.
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Many of the farmers and their family had contracted it and many died.

The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone
was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing
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